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Technical University of Dresden – Germany

“A grading system must be scientifically sound, based on a method that has been published and can be used in laboratories. This is certainly the case for the MGO Manuka Honey classification”
Quote from Professor Thomas Henle – discoverer MGO – University of Dresden (Germany)

Professor Thomas Henle of the Technical University of Dresden, demonstrated back in 2006 that Methylglyoxal (MGO) is responsible for the unique bioactive effects of Manuka Honey. Thomas Henle has since published several publications concerning Manuka Honey.


Waikato University – New Zealand

"Testing for Methylglyoxal is a clear and unambiguous way to let consumers know that the unique high-quality and natural bio-active effect of this honey is really, special and exclusively applicable to the MGO Manuka Honey."
Quote from Professor Peter Molan – discoverer UMF  – University of Waikato (New Zealand)

Professor Peter Molan, of the University of Waikato, has been researching the unique and special effect of Manuka Honey since 1985 together with the Waikato Honey Research Unit. He named this unique activity of Manuka Honey; UMF. This stands for Unique Manuka Factor. His groundbreaking work resulted in numerous scientific publications about the special effect of Manuka Honey; especially in the medical field. Professor Peter Molan’s publications on Manuka Honey mainly focused on various conditions, foreign bacteria and wound treatment. Professor Peter Molan already had a strong suspicion about this unique effect, but he and his team were unable to identify it at the time. Professor Peter Molan passed away in 2015 .


Kobe University Medical School – Japan

Professor Terao worked closely together to develop cyclodextrin-enhanced natural antibacterial substances and products and has researched propolis and Manuka honey from New Zealand.


Elisabeth-TweeSteden Hospital – The Netherlands

Dr. Robert Laheij is currently researching Manuka Honey as a supported product for both the stomach and intestines.

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